We make choices all the time. We hope we make good choices, but sometimes we don't. I've looked at some literature which shows characters making choices. Choices are a everyday thing in everyone's life. These choices help us to maintain what ever it is we are aiming for or have decided to do. Choices can be as small as deciding to wear a jacket to school, or big as deciding to stay in a relationship. At the end of it all we have to determine if we are happy with the choices we are making.

In the poem "Road Not Taken" by Robert, he shows a choice the character makes. This poem is based upon two roads and the character had to choose which one would be better to travel on. The character in this poem had decided to take the road that hardly anyone used. I think this choice was interesting. Instead of traveling the same way others went he choose to use the road that nobody used. I think the author choose this poem to be an example, meaning although our choice is different we should still go along with it because it's what we choose. Even though everyone else traveled on the first road,, he decided to use the second road to expand his horizon. It made all the difference.

In the story "Dead end" written by Rudolfo Anaya, choices are important. The main character Maria had to make a lot of choices. She had to choose between keeping her mother's promise or hanging out. Her mother wanted her to promise that Maria will get an education and take the opportunity of school. Although she was in her teenage years, Maria never really got a chance to hang out. Since her mother died she has been taken care of responsibilities. When Maria was asked to hang out with the other girls she declined. Which was a good choice because those girls smoke, drink, and does not do their school work. When Maria finally had the chance to hang out with a boy she liked she was very excited, until he wanted her to smoke marijuana. Even though she really liked him she had to remember the promise she made to her mother. Therefore she told Frankie she did not want to smoke and instead wanted to go home. Maria had choose not to smoke, but she had to choose whether or not she was going to smoke because she wanted to or to be down. I think Maria made smart choices and she was capable of deciding was right for her, regardless to others opinions.

In the essay titled "The Tyranny of Choice" Written by Barry Schwartz identify the different type of choices. In this essay it had described how our happiness can sometimes depend on our choices. Happiness depends on our choices because if we make the wrong the choice, then most likely we will be unhappy. A maximize choice is the best possible choice we can make, and a satisficer is a good enough choice. I would prefer to make a maximize choice because I will be satisfied with no regrets. When we make a choice and we regret it, then usually we will live an unhappy life. When we regret something then we are suffering because there's always going to be that feeling that we should have choose something else.

This image shows how choices are made because the two guys have to choose which laptop they want. This is interesting because which ever choice they make will determine if their happy or not. Therefore if they were to choose a laptop but it doesn't have the features they want, they will regret buying it at all. Therefore each choice we make deals with our everyday lifestyle. From the simplest thing as choosing a laptop.Those two characters will have to make a maximize choice unless they will suffer with something they don't like, or have to pay the opportunity cost.

Choices in life can be very difficult. As I read "Dead End" by Rudolfo Anaya, and a essay "The Tyranny Of Choice" written by Barry Schwartz shows how choices can effect your entire life. We have to be able to make good choices that can benefit us. Not choices that we will regret and be unhappy. From reading these two literature, I have taken a different out look on choices. Meaning I will now try to make the best choice I can because I don't want to live an unhappy life or a life with regrets. Therefore I will force myself as a person to decide on things better so I don't have to pay the opportunity costs.
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