my favorite things

My Favorite Things

Introducing you to some of my favorite things !

My favorite book is Harlem Girl Lost. It was written by Treasure E blue.I like this book because it is very interesting. Not that it relates to my life but it is almost like a non fiction. for some strange reason when I read this book I am able to create the scenery and picture the characters in my head. This was one of the first books I was able to make a real connection with.

My favorite actor of all time would most likely be Omar Epps. I believe Omar Epps is very talented. All of the movies he played in I enjoyed them. Such as Juice, love and Basket basketball, and Dracula. He seems to be well professional, and his acting is also incedible.

I tend to listen to a lot of music. It helps me focus and depending on what mood iam in it makes me feel better. When it comes to a favorite in music it tends to be very hard on me because I like varieties of music. I listen to hip hop, pop, jazz, and rhythm & blues. Since that is so, I will provide you with the song that is my favorite as of now. My favorite song that I listen to a lot is slow motion by Karina . In this song she expresses her feelings and I can relate to them. I also know this is my favorite song because she sings acapella ,and sometimes play the piano while she's sings.

Iam not to interested in sports, but if I had to choose a sport as my favorite it would be football. I like this sport because it's interesting to watch on television. This sport also means a lot to me because my cousin Alfred plays this in his college. My favorite foot ball team is the red devils .

My most favorite food is Pizza .

This is the movie I most love white's man burden. This movie has so much meaning to it and also the sayin is based upon a time in history. During the the time of imperialism.

This is the very best and beautiful car the Lamborghini murcielago .

My all time favorite television show is the The 1st 48 .

I love Las Vegas. It's my favorite place on earth to be. my aunt lives out there and I love to visit. Lots of lights , and plenty of things to get into.
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