My genius

My genius

Everybody in this world is a genius, I know I am. No this does not mean that I'm an A student, nor does it mean I'm the smartest in my class. It does mean that I have a strong imagination, and well interested in learning a lot of different things. From a different point of view of education genius would essentially mean "giving birth to the joy of learning" . Therefore I am a genius because of the energy I put towards learning.

Being a genius comes from many different qualities. Others may think I'm not a genius because I don't know everything, but who does ? No one that's why I am a genius. I am not afraid to learn something new and I am not embarrassed to say I need help or I don't know something. I tend to be very curious about things I don't know . Having curiosity is a major quality of being a genius. It is excellent to be curious about the things I learn. That's how I expand my mind frame and look at things from a different point of view.

I have read "Awakening Genius" written by Thomas Armstrong. This excerpt was very interesting and he used his own opinion about what he thought the qualifications of being a genius. In the last paragraph he states that "Genius is a symbol for an individual's potential" , this is very true. I have potential and so does everyone else. That's why there are educators to help students find their potential.

One of my qualifications of genius is creativity. I can't draw and I am far away from an artist, but that doesn't mean I am not creative. The type of creative person I am is being capable to have my own thoughts, and used my ideas which may benefit others. Another way I am creative is by me figuring out what's my specific style. One summer day my aunt invited all her friends and family to a cookout. It started raining and there was no tent. I was creative because I took a blanket tied it to the gate so nobody wouldn't get wet from the rain. I was also very creative when my sister denim blue jeans ripped, instead of sewing them or putting them in the cleaners. I had decided to cut more wholes in her jeans an act as if it was a style. There are many different type of ways to be creative. Not always do that mean being the best, but mainly trying and putting all my effort into what ever it is I may choose to do.

The word genius has a strong multicultural history. It doesn't matter where I came from, what I have, or my culture. Everyone is entitled to be a genius. As long as I am capable to have my own thoughts, and strive hard for the things I want to succeed. That is a genius to me. Being a genius and being crazy are similar to me. These two words are similar to me because they both have more than one specific meaning.If you ask five different people to explain what crazy is they will give you five different answers. This theory is the same if asked about what being a genius is. My mind is able to wonder, I am a genius because I'm human.
© Dekia Alston 2009