Irony is a literary term. It is an implied discrepancy between what is said and what is meant. This is a literary term which is an example of my life everyday. There are different types of ways irony is used. This can mean telling someone you love them but in reality u are feeling an opposite way. People use irony to describe a lot of things although they are only saying things in which it has a different meaning.

Irony has existed in my life in many different ways. Usually it happens between me and my grandmother. If I were to ask her is she alright financially she will always tell me yes. But in reality she doesn't have enough money to do the things she likes or get the things she needs. Therefore I could never tell if she needs anything because she pretends as if she really doesn't. Another way irony has existed in my life is including my aunt Deneen A. She is losing her eye sight in her left eye. Even though this is happening she checks her email and acts as if she has 20/20 vision. My aunt will always tell me I could see there's nothing wrong with my eye's. Then I can see her struggling to see certain things.

In this poem titled "Richard Cory" written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, there is irony inside of it. As I read the poem it states how Richard Cory has all the money he wants, and is very happy. Which tends to not be the truth. All the money in the world doesn't happiness. A rich person can be lonely an depressed. On the last line of the poem it states " went home and put a bullet through his head." Why would the richest and most popular person want to do something like that. Simply because he was stressed and money doesn't always buy happiness.

In The story "The Necklace" written by Guy De Maupassant, displays irony. Based upon a poor young women, an a rich madame.The poor women borrowed a piece of jewelery from the rich women. The poor women had worn it to a ball and lost it. Knowing how broke she was, she insisted to buy back the jewelery for her rich friend. She spent 10 years paying on the diamond necklace for her friend. Not knowing the necklace she borrowed was custom jewelery and only cost 500 dollars. The poor women had spent thousands on the necklace which she thought would replace her friends necklace, when in reality the rich women purchased a fake one.

The irony found in this story is that a rich women who could purchase expensive things chooses not to. While the poor women spends nearly all her life savings trying to replace a piece of jewelery that wasn't even real. The specific piece of irony that is found is that not all rich people buy expensive things, and not all poor people like cheap things. Irony is the most common literary term people use. Although they may not realize they are using it, but they are.

There was irony displayed in the article titled "The Houses That Slaves Built". Back from 200 years or more colored people wasn't really welcomed into the white house. They were allowed but didn't really seem to be welcomed. Now in 2009 we are gathered by a black president. The irony found in this article is that blacks weren't usually capable of being president or entering the white house, now there is a black family who resides there. An example which would explain this irony is like if someone was to say apples are only red, you'll believe it until you come across a green apple.

I looked at a ironic picture from off the by Mark Parisi. The ironic thing about this picture was that a fortune teller who claims to see everything, winds up seeing nothing at all. In the cartoon it shows somebody laying dead on the ground, in which the fortune teller tells the police that she didn't see anything. This is ironic because a lot of fortune tellers say they can see or read anything that is going on, but ion reality they are unable to see anything.

Irony is a perfect word for saying things and meaning something totally different. When using irony I am capable to say something in a nice way although it is not what I mean. If I was to tell my sister her hair looks nice although it really doesn't. I will be using irony because I'm telling her what she wants to hear instead of the truth. Irony is used in mostly everything around me.
© Dekia Alston 2009