My life

My Life

My name is Dekia Alston. I was born on January 21, 1991. To my beloved parents Renee Alston and Randy Cunningham. I was raised in Manhattan {Harlem) and I still reside there. Unlike other girls I have a unique side of me that I often do not reveal. One out of 4 children so therefore I was far from spoiled. Although my parents worked hard for things I needed and would love to have. My siblings are Jamal , Nyesha , and Brandi Alston. For some strange reason my mother wanted us to all have her last name.

When I was a young child there were times I was so upset and would wish I could die. I didn't mean to wish things like that, but sometimes I tend to say things out of anger. I didn't realize how important my life was until I began to age. That's when I suddenly notice how important living was and accomplishments I could receive. I started to look at life differently. Just when it had seemed like everything was going good, My only Aunt Deneen Alston moved away to Las Vegas Nevada. I was sad but more than that I felt as if she a banded me. All those feelings inside that I would have never shared with anybody, happen to make my life turn for the worst. As i began high school, my anger would have been the worst of me. I used to take my emotions out on everyone around me although they probably did nothing to me. How ever I felt on the inside would eventually show. I went threw so many fights in high school. That's when I realized iam going to ruin my life simply because of a grudge I cant get over. It took me a couple of years to know how important my life could be. Although I knew these things it still didn't help the way I felt inside. Therefore I still act the same way because it seemed as if no one cared.

When I was a junior in high school I was arrested for my behavior. Luckily I Was an adolescence so the punishment wasn't as hard. It was more of a warning. That's when my life took an even worst down fall. By the time I got to my senior year in high school, I was trying to make a change. Then I slept am made a mistake that would cost me no graduation ceremony, senior trip or prom. I had engaged in another fight. The only difference this fight had than the others was I would really have to face the consequence.

When I was told that I would not be graduating on time that's when every one cared. To me if felt as if people only care when your doig the wrong thing. That's when my life changed, I was finally able to talk with my grandmother and tell her how I truely felt. Then she explained to me that my aunt didn't leave to a banded me, but she left to better her own life. In which I began to feel selfish for only thinking about myself. My grandmother had showed me her point of view an it had allowed me to tink differently. I can recall her saying that was my daughter do you think she would want to a banded me? .. Truth be told I had a banded my own life by keeping my feelings in.

I was able to speak to my Aunt and she explained to me that she never left me. She told me that there would be a time in my life when I will only be concerned about what's right for me. I would have to take the road to success no matter what. I came to a conclusion that my life is all I really have to call my own. Therefore I better not abuse it and I would need to take any opportunities afford. I've also learned not to hold grudges, and tell someone my feelings because holding them in is not healthy. I am only human I make mistakes and I know now to not mess up my life because I only get one.
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